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any change in this file

any change in this file

Wednesday 10 July 2013 5:07:06 pm - 1 reply

I have ezPublish 5 (2013.6 community)

I want to add some new image size. so I created:

/ezpublish_legacy/setting/siteaccess/plain_site/image.ini.append.php :


and i remove all cache (ezpublish/cache, ezpublish_legacy/var/cache, ezpublish_legacy/var/plain_site/cache)


but in admin dashboard in section "ini settings" I still see some strange values, which I do not type into image.ini.append.php or image.ini (this is a stock file form tarball)


What to do ?

Friday 12 July 2013 9:39:22 am


I don't know if you are new to eZ Publish, but did you check the override priority  ?

From, you can see that eZ Publish reads the configuration files using the following sequence:

0 Default configuration settings - /settings/*.ini?
1 Active extension siteaccesses - /extension/my_extension/settings/siteaccess/my_site/*.ini.append.php
2 Siteaccesses - /settings/siteaccess/my_site/*.ini.append.php?
3 Active extensions - /extension/my_extension/settings/*.ini[.append.php]?
4 Global overrides - /settings/override/*.ini.append.php

Where 4 is the strongest override. These rules are for both Publish 4 and 5 "legacy" versions.

Modified on Friday 12 July 2013 9:40:26 am by Vincent Robic


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