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Anyone tried Google mod_pagespeed on some eZ site yet?

Anyone tried Google mod_pagespeed on some eZ site yet?

Wednesday 01 December 2010 11:53:52 am - 4 replies

Monday 06 December 2010 4:36:22 pm

I've been playing around with mod_pagespeed in test environment. It's been working fine with eZ publish, as I was expecting. However, I have not done a true before/after performance test to see how much better it is. I think mod_pagespeed works well if you do not have an optimized apache/ezpublish configuration, as it can fill in a lot of holes. For example, you could use eZjscore to implement your JS/CSS packing, or let mod_pagespeed do it. Or you can configure your expires headers in apache manually or let pagespeed handle similar optimizations.

One feature I'm exicited to use is collapse whitespace. I had implemented the feature on a past Java web project and got significant download size gains. However, a gzip filter can compress much of that whitespace so I'm not sure what the effective gain will be. I'd love to hear more experiences with it and I'll try to add more as I test with it further. One feature I'm curious to hear more about is the image optimizer. I haven't experimented with that filter yet.

Monday 06 December 2010 9:14:23 pm

Agree with Sanjay: a properly tuned Apache/eZP configuration should be almost indistinguishable from a mod_pagespeed install.

. eZJscore can be used for css/js minimization and collapsing.

. a custom Imagemagick filter to strip images more aggressively. images's width and height are there because of the template for the ezimage datatype (even thought it would be nice to have it for design images too!)

. collapsing whitespace is most likely useless if you pass the response through gzip afterwards. And you can do that already within Apache or within php

. last but not least, in eZP you can implement page-level filters that are run on the generated html, once it is ready. You might add some html-optimizing code in there if you want (or a tidy filter)

Now, if we could start sending to the browser part of the page content without waiting for it to be completely generated, that would be a great improvement!

Tuesday 07 December 2010 10:11:31 am

That all sounds pretty interesting. It should not, as Gaetano says, replace a good knowledge of eZ Publish when it comes to optimizing it, but can help reaching good performances without this knowledge, in the first round.

Not knowing much about Google mod_pagespeed, do you guys know if there are other built-in improvements which we do not yet find in eZ Publish or affiliate extensions ?

Cheers !

Tuesday 07 December 2010 8:06:10 pm


I've not tested mod_pagespeed myself as I prefer hand made optimisations. But you should have a look at mod_Pagespeed Performance Review published on the performance advent calendar.



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