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Approval notification

Approval notification

Friday 07 November 2003 3:13:25 pm - 8 replies

Now, e-mails are sent whenever a new article is published (got a keep-me-updated at root), but is it possible to receive e-mails whenever I need to approve an article?
And if that's possible, is it also possible that the writer of the article is notificated whether or not the article was approved?

My first question is the most important one.

Can this be done?

-- Mark

Wednesday 12 November 2003 10:04:21 am


ps: Whenever someone replies to a topic, why doesn't the topic 'move to the top' ?? Very annoying!

Tuesday 18 November 2003 12:15:18 pm

And again................. anyone?

[ i should get an award for writing 'anyone?' every time ]

Friday 21 November 2003 2:35:04 pm

Doesn't anyone know the answer, or does nobody see this topic?

So once again, anyone?

Friday 21 November 2003 2:52:10 pm

Hello Mark,
I at least see your posts, and Im sure its possible. But I dont know how much work it would take, but its a good idea. You would have to do something with the workflow-system I guess, and looking at all the posts dealing with this topic, I'd say its HARD!

I do agree with you on the annoying part about topic not moving to the top. Its annoying, and remarkably strange the people making such a system, dont seem how to use it blunk.gif Emoticon


Friday 21 November 2003 4:02:01 pm

I am also interested in an answer to this. ...anyone? happy.gif Emoticon

Modified on Friday 21 November 2003 4:02:26 pm by James Ward

Friday 21 November 2003 6:35:16 pm

It's possible to get notifications when you need to approve an item (same for the author), all you need to do is go to the notification settings page (notification/settings) and check the Approve checkbox under Collaboration.

There is no support for notifications to the author when the the article has been approved (or rejected) yet.

Friday 28 November 2003 4:35:06 pm

Works great. Thank you.

I don't know, somehow, in some way, I just overlooked the darn checkbox big-smile.gif Emoticon

Thursday 13 May 2004 4:35:29 am

NEEDS URGENT HELP!!! Will appreciate...

I've been experimenting and using workflows with eZ Publish 3.3...and successfully created workflow ...BUT...I can't seem to understand how APPROVAL works...cos I need to create editors that can approve articles...etc...and it seems to show that its 'pending' status in versions listing but how can not see it in the editor's admin...If anyone can help me and give lots of suggestions as to how to make it simple as possible (Beginners...)

thanks a lot...!


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