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Approval...using workflows...really needs help!!!

Approval...using workflows...really needs help!!!

Thursday 13 May 2004 4:42:37 am - 7 replies

NEEDS URGENT HELP!!! Will appreciate...

I've been experimenting and using workflows with eZ Publish 3.3...and successfully created workflow ...BUT...I can't seem to understand how APPROVAL works...cos I need to create editors that can approve articles...etc...and it seems to show that its 'pending' status in versions listing but how can not see it in the editor's admin...If anyone can help me and give lots of suggestions as to how to make it simple as possible (Beginners...)

thanks a lot...!

Thursday 13 May 2004 9:35:12 am

To complete the workflow you need to run the 'runcronjobs.php' script in the root directory. Any pending actions you have will be dealt with.



Thursday 13 May 2004 10:15:48 am

Yup, you don't expect editor users to run a command...everytime they need to approve anything...???...without even a root access for the editors..?

Thursday 13 May 2004 10:29:39 am

Generally this would be handled by the server, by setting up a cron job, which would run the script periodically, say every half hour. Can you not set your server to do this?

Have a look at the docs:



Thursday 13 May 2004 3:25:28 pm

My real problem really is...according to the should be able to see an APPROVAL page for the editor to approve /or deny...but I don't seem to see any change in my 'Collaboration'..telling the 'No new items to be handled'...even though someone edited the page...but there's totally no way the editor(or the approver) to know if there's anything to approve...deny ???

I would really need a very basic instruction about APPROVAL...from the browser or admin section.

appreciate the help...

Thursday 13 May 2004 3:38:17 pm

Yup that cronjob works fine...but before even running the CRONJOB...I need to see if somebody change anything on the site...and if there's anything to APPROVE/DENY...I can't seem to see a page or any status or notification that would tell me about it...I thought as an editor I should just receive an email or my 'Collaboration' page will tell me that...but nothing...

I setup my workflow as...'STANDARD'...'Staff Approval'....Editor - 'Venjie Diola'....Sections - 'Any'....Users without approval - 'Administrator users'...(Did I do anything wrong here...???)

I setup my trigger list...the workflow I've created 'content' - 'publish' - 'before' - 'Staff Approval'...(Is this correct...???)

really appreciate the HELP...JUST WANT TO SEE THAT APPROVAL PAGE....?

Thursday 13 May 2004 3:50:57 pm

anyone...knows about...Approval page...from a workflow...??? a documentation or some sort instruction to make that status page appear.???so I can APPROVE/DENY a page.


Monday 19 July 2004 2:09:18 pm

I'm having the same problems.. Any news on this?


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