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Authorisation before Publishing

Authorisation before Publishing

Tuesday 23 March 2004 2:14:05 pm - 4 replies


For a news site i want people to create their article, but not being able to publish it right away. I want the articles first being authorized before publishing.

I already tried to assign different roles but there seems no such thing as dividing the creation and the publishing of an article.Is this possible?

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Tuesday 23 March 2004 2:32:31 pm


Did you tried workflows?
You can use Approve event for that.


Wednesday 24 March 2004 1:29:54 pm

Thanks for your input. I tried the approval event and when a content editor creates an article it's not immediately published. But the next problem occurs as I cannot find the article back anywhere. There is no message or what so ever.


Modified on Wednesday 24 March 2004 1:30:24 pm by diederik de tuinman

Wednesday 24 March 2004 1:36:42 pm


Setting up an approval event/mechanism is explained in the "Building an eZ publish site" tutorial:

Hint: remember that you probably have to run the cronjobs script in order to get the node from the original author to the approver, and finally to its published state. This script must either be run manually or by making use of a scheduler mechanism (such as the cron daemon on *NIX systems).


Wednesday 24 March 2004 2:14:55 pm

Up and running




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