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Benelux developer-day: meeting, training, initiatives

Benelux developer-day: meeting, training, initiatives

Monday 24 October 2011 5:21:17 pm - 1 reply

Hi all! 

Since Contactivity recently became an eZ Silver Partner (again), we would like to kick-off our contribution to the community by organizing a developer-day in The Netherlands (Leiden). Our idea is to focus this day on eZ developers in special. Contactivity is willing to make the arrangements for a location and general programme of speakers/trainings, but before we annouce a fixed agenda, I would really like you to participate in the agenda and ideas. Paul Borgermans (I'm sure you guys know who he is) has agreed to participate and do a workshop/session on eZ Find (if you are interested...).

Therefore I would like to invite all of you to help contributing ideas and suggestions regarding the programme and workshops. The day and workshop(s) should fit the need of the community, so if there's a need for beginner-tutorials, we will focus on that, but it could be more advanced as well. 

Current ideas:

- Cost-free (Contactivity arranges the location and beverages)
- Paul Borgermans participates and will do a training-session or workshop about eZ Find. What questions would you like to have answered?
- Should we maybe arrange a workshop to develop advanced websites with eZ Flow?
- Is there a need to learn to build an extension from scratch?


- Personally I would like to see one or more members of the eZ Project team come talk about ongoing progress of the community project, roadmap, etc. 
- A lot of developers have great ideas, why not have a voting / member gathering session where every speaker gets 5 minutes to pitch her/his idea and see if others are interested in contributing?
- Maybe you don't have an great idea, but an amazing idea, and others already think so as well. We could devote a reasonable amount of time that day to help your (new) project get going
- Going local: I know from several clients and other developers there's a need for an improved Dutch translation of the eZ Publish backend. It would be great to form a project team around this.


I'm sure you have lots of ideas as well. Post them!

P.S. The reason this message is in English is because I don't want to exclude other interested parties from the UK, France or Germany to join, but I do believe it is good to build a stronger Benelux-ecosystem.

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Monday 24 October 2011 6:45:32 pm


Let me add a similar initiative about a developer event (one or two days) covering mainly Germany in 2012.It has been far too long that we had such and event there blunk.gif Emoticon

I have no fixed idea for the concrete time window or location yet, but it should not clash with either the eZ winter conference (TBA) and summer conferences (TBA too), so somewhere between late March and early May 2012.

This developer day would also include

- a tutorial track

- extension showcases

- "behind the scenes", for example configurations that need to serve many 1000's of requests

- the new API and concrete implementations on top of it (or plugins for the backends)

- ....

If you are interested in joining me with this initiave (sponsoring, venue ideas, ...) please leave a (direct) message or forum reply.




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