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BUG in assigning roles

BUG in assigning roles

Tuesday 05 August 2003 6:03:45 pm - 3 replies

Hello all,
I think i've come across a bug in the role assignments in EZ3.1.
I am trying to allow a user to create one type of class under a specific node. I select the node under which creation can occur and this does successfully limit node creation to that node, but unfortunately the user is free to create nodes of any type. Any time I try to change this it will not stay and doesn't get stored properly.
Anyone else found this?

All the best

Ben Pirt

Tuesday 05 August 2003 6:14:33 pm

Maybe this one has to do with

Whats your Revision?


Tuesday 05 August 2003 6:33:20 pm

may sound dense, but what's the easiest way to find the revision?

Wednesday 06 August 2003 1:38:02 am

oh well, i've done it by assigning sections to the nodes and using that to define the abilities of the users.

seems like this needs looking in to.



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