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Button / link question..

Button / link question..

Sunday 25 January 2004 4:59:33 pm - 3 replies

This code makes a "Sign the guestbook" button, how can I make this to be just a link (doing the same thing as the button)?

<form method="post"
<input class="button"
value="Sign the guestbook" />
<input type="hidden"
value="18" />
<input type="hidden"
value="{$node.node_id}" />

Monday 26 January 2004 11:21:49 am

It is unfortunately not possible to use link instead button in this case. You have to use a button since several parameters are to be sent from the browser to the server (hidden variables). According to Bård it might be possible to hack in a link using some magical Javascript code. Good luck!


Monday 26 January 2004 12:23:15 pm

What you could do instead of a regular button is to "hide" your html-link as an "image-button", ie:
<input type="image" src="/design/user/images/go.gif" name="NewButton" />
Just make the go.gif look like your link. Its another workaround that works.

But what would be really neat is if one could choose to send variables into ez by GET query (i.e: I dont know why they have not made this possible, or maybe they have and its just I dont know how, but that would be real nice!


Monday 26 January 2004 12:30:48 pm

You can make it look like a link, using the stylesheet:

input.button {
background-color: transparent;
border: none;
color: #0000aa;
text-decoration: underline;
cursor: pointer;

Modified on Monday 26 January 2004 12:31:57 pm by Harry Oosterveen


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