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Caching and translation issues

Caching and translation issues

Thursday 10 February 2011 8:51:36 am - 1 reply

We are currently running a site ezpublish 4.1.3 in a shared environment. Currently the performance on the server has been decreasing and we experience new issues which we have never experienced before. The problem is related to translation files and caching it appears. We have not done any changes to the installation in several weeks ,still the customer reports that some of the translations do not currently work. Basically this means that on our site we get english default text, not the translated one which is expected.

After we clear the cache using ezcache --clear-all --purge from commandline the expected result is once again returned and all elements are translated from the translation files.

Do you have any ideas why this happens? Any thing we can do to resolve this issue?

The site currently has all translation set to enabled as well as template compile and template cache enabled.

There are currently several translation files being used, but this should not be a problem because we use an extensive array of extensions.

Friday 11 February 2011 2:13:30 pm


We've encountered the same translation cache corruption on our projects, like you, after purging translation, content and compiled templates cache the issue was solved. But we've never found why it happens time to time ... So we're also interested in finding what's causing that (we're on eZ Publish 4.1.2).


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