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Caching problems on ez.no

Caching problems on ez.no

Wednesday 09 July 2003 4:07:02 pm - 4 replies


A few of my replies and edits in contributions are not shown, I think there is currently a caching problem on ez.no


Wednesday 09 July 2003 4:16:43 pm

There may be a small delay in updating the cache. But if you use the same browser you should be sent to the same server and see your updates immediately.

Is it another browser/machine or is it on the same machine as you post?


Wednesday 09 July 2003 4:29:04 pm

It's the same machine/browser (all behind a squid proxy)


Wednesday 09 July 2003 4:57:26 pm

Same machine for me too. one minute i could post and view, the next minute i couldn't. Logging in and out didn't help.

Not sure if this is the same problem but i often see that i can edit other peoples messages and not my own. When i next post this is resolved.


Wednesday 09 July 2003 5:18:45 pm

The delay is pretty long I guess, fired up IE6 along mozilla and both browsers have a different "experience" (different content).



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