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Cannot Edit any content: kernel (20)

Cannot Edit any content: kernel (20)

Friday 16 May 2003 6:56:41 pm - 3 replies


I installed eZ Publish 3 and have loaded the demo data. I installed the fix for the "page-offset" problem.

The next problem I have is that I cannot edit any content. While I can now see each page of the list of content (that is, the entire site tree), when I click on ANY "edit" icon, I receive the following error:

"Error / kernel (20)"
"Module not found"
"The requested module 'index.php' could not be found."

Furthermore, there are no images or stylesheets applied to the page.

The URL is:

prefaced, of course, with <myUrl>:<myPort>

Any suggestions? What other information do people need to know to help me?


Update (May 17):
For more information see:

Modified on Saturday 17 May 2003 8:02:42 am by Joel Finkel

Saturday 17 May 2003 5:14:06 pm

I expect your problem lies in your site access configuration. Check your site.ini (or a site.ini.append) file for this.

I have made an example for site access configuration for non virtual host setups here: http://www.ez.no/developer/ez_pub...ost_installing_and_testing_ezpublish

Hope this solves your problem

Saturday 17 May 2003 10:28:19 pm

Thank you for the help. I am still confused, mainly because the this documentation refers to a non virtual host that is still domain-based, not directory based:

"In this example we will have a server called mybookstore.com where we place our eZ publish installation in a directory called mysite under the http root of the server."

I think I am in an environment that is similar to many people: I have a web server running on a single, registered domain. I want to learn eZ Publish, and perhaps develop a site for a client. I cannot register another domain name. I need to create it as a path under my domain root.

Here is an actual example. I have a client, nimn.org. I want to see if I can build a site for them. I want to build it on my development machine, uh-clem.org. I want the path to this development site to be something like:


(Note, I am running Apache on port 90)

If I can develop the site well, I want to be able to upload it all to our hosting service, and refer to it all as www.nimn.org. I want to be able to do this with a simple modification to an ini file.

Now, I also want to create a web site for another client, JCYS. I want that development site to be:


Again, if I can develop it well, I want to be able to upload it to their hosting service and refer to it as www.jcys.org.

Okay. Now I have three sub-directories under my Apache's docroot:
1) ezpublish
2) EZnimn
3) EZjcys

I have three mySql databases. I have loaded the demo data into the ezpublish database. I have created the tables only in the other two.

What I am missing (and what I cannot find in the documentation) is how to configure things to support my two different sites (along with the demo site, which I want to study and learn). The Site Access documentation does not speak to my configuration.

I have begun a User Contributed Step-by-Step Guide (http://ez.no/developer/ez_publish...p_by_step_installing_multiple_sites), so that people can contribute their knowledge.

I would appreciate some immediate help. Thanks!


Modified on Saturday 17 May 2003 10:32:22 pm by Joel Finkel

Saturday 23 August 2003 1:35:29 am

You may will find a fix here:


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