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Change article's owner back to previous owner after editing...

Change article's owner back to previous owner after editing...

Wednesday 29 October 2003 9:49:52 am - 13 replies

I've been running quite a big site up in eZ 3.2-2 for some time now and from time to time this "problem" occurs: Admin needs to enter some editors article to help out or perhaps modify, but this also locks the article from further editing by the original author due to his limited rights as "Editor"... When the article is republished by admin he sets his ownership and editing permissions on the object..

Is there a workaround for this, i.e to give ownership back to editor without making him admin for a while while republishing his og her article?

Modified on Wednesday 29 October 2003 9:56:41 am by Valentin Svelland

Wednesday 29 October 2003 1:21:26 pm

You could write a workflow event handler for this which is added to the post publish workflow.
It could check if the admin user was the one publishing (and perhaps class ID also), if so change the owner of the version back to last published version.

To figure out the last published version you would need to fetch all versions of an object that has status 'archived', you then pick the one with latest modification date.

We have been thinking about a way to solve a similar issue. One solution is to have a 'change owner' policy which can be added to for instance the admin user, that you change ownership of any object.

Wednesday 29 October 2003 2:18:45 pm

>We have been thinking about a way to solve a similar
>issue. One solution is to have a 'change owner' policy
>which can be added to for instance the admin user,
>that you change ownership of any object.

That would be very much useful (for my type of use of ez publish, it is even a basic issue)


Wednesday 29 October 2003 2:39:40 pm

We would also like to see such this 'change owner' feature.

Wednesday 29 October 2003 2:49:02 pm

We would also like to see this feature in ez, and there is already a lot of situations in our use of ez that requires it. It seems like basic permission handling, like a file system. The admin should always be able to change the owner of a object.


Wednesday 29 October 2003 2:54:42 pm

I'll have to join the others : a change owner function would be REALLY useful! happy.gif Emoticon

Thanks for your quick answer, Jan!

Modified on Wednesday 29 October 2003 3:20:36 pm by Valentin Svelland

Monday 04 October 2004 9:07:23 am

Anything ever come of this, I also am looking how to easily change the ownership of an object

Monday 04 October 2004 2:05:38 pm

No, changing owner has not been implemented yet. I've put it on my "future addition" list.

I don't quite understand the original request though. Republishing does not change the owner of the object...

Monday 04 October 2004 2:15:37 pm

Hi Frederik
I'm not sure about the original eihter, but I can see that an admin function to change ownership will make the user roles far more easier to impliment when doing so manually. Any idea of what release you might expect to slip it in?

Tuesday 05 October 2004 9:56:33 am


I just want to get the facts straight:

Can somebody confirm or deny the following 100%:
Does editing and re-publishing an instance(i.e. Article) of a class as Admin change the original owner/user and not allow them to edit it again?

I would also like to have a user create an instance of a class( I want to hide some of the attributes from the user which he can't change, but the admin can change) but have it available for later editing by the Admin. Obviously, the instance must still be editable by the original user, even though the Admin has made some changes.

It will be VERY nice if the instance(i.e. Article) is stil editable by the original creator/owner even though the admin made some change to one of the attributes and the re-published it.

Thanks! happy.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 05 October 2004 9:58:53 am

Yes that's the case, admin edits will not deprive the original users abilities to edit. So there is no change of 'ownership'.



Tuesday 05 October 2004 10:34:27 am

Thanks Paul!!!

That's good news!

happy.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 05 October 2004 10:36:44 am


I have put this feature on my 3.6 list. I can't promise anything yet but it is a small and simple feature to implement so it has a good chance of being implemented.

Friday 22 October 2004 11:11:59 pm

Is it possible to set user roles by folders? The only way I could do this was by setting permission for section, but I need more specific role policies. I have n sections on my site, each one's administrated only by one user, I do not want the other users even to <b>READ</b> the other one's content... I can achieve the <b>"create"</b> and <b>"edit"</b> permissions but not <b>"READ"</b> permission, because I just don't get access to the content at all.
I'm wondering if I can try to do this by setting the read policy by <i>ownership</i>, but as long as I can't change ownership when I need to, this won't be useful.
Any suggestion?

(Hope this was clear)

Thank you!

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