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change -> index.php

change -> index.php

Wednesday 09 April 2003 11:17:19 am - 3 replies


How could we change the name of "index.php" to another name like "default.php" ?

Just renaming doesn't work!


Wednesday 09 April 2003 2:46:42 pm

I dont think its really smart to rename the index.php, cant you instead make your webserver rewrite the requests made to default.php, or make index.php one of the default "serving pages" ? I think its refered to several times in the ezpublish php code..


Thursday 10 April 2003 8:33:52 am

This is actually really easy.

Two steps:
1. Rename "index.php" to "default.php"
2. Edit "default.php" and change line 259 to "eZSys::init( 'default.php' );"



(BTW: it should also be possible to use this for a SiteAccess method. E.g. admin.php for the administration area and user.php for the user area.)

Thursday 17 April 2003 3:27:44 am

The "index.php" name is buried in the code and things can break if a different name is used. Specifically, to find the base URL for images a string search for "index.php" is done in some configurations. If that is needed and fails, the pages look quite ugly. I've reported several related issues.


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