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Changing password on ez.no

Changing password on ez.no

Friday 10 October 2003 12:40:17 pm - 7 replies

Is it possible to change my password on this site? If yes, where do I do it, and if not...why not? Its a common feature in ez, so why is it not avaiable? (At least it is impossible to find)


Friday 10 October 2003 12:49:53 pm

After logged in:


Modified on Friday 10 October 2003 12:53:53 pm by Paul Borgermans

Friday 10 October 2003 1:25:47 pm

Hi, Paul.
But there is no link to this on any pages I have found. So how is one supposed to know this? Do they expect to have people writing this in the browseraddress to do it?!?!?

Friday 10 October 2003 1:49:39 pm

Yes sad.gif Emoticon

BTW, try http://ez.no/content/draft
and clean up what's left there (its friday after all blunk.gif Emoticon )
It may result in a slight speedup of the ez.no site


Friday 10 October 2003 1:54:48 pm

If they wont provide a link to this, its not meant for users to access surely. I dont care for a website without links to the content. They are makers of this CMS, and therefore should provide this. Even if its friday I wont to it, not before they provide links to it anyway blunk.gif Emoticon

Have a nice weekend!

Friday 10 October 2003 2:10:46 pm

But now you have the links (above) blunk.gif Emoticon


Friday 10 October 2003 2:27:07 pm

Yes, I know they are above, but they aren't out on their website. Thats where they SHOULD be... now why are they not there? Thats the big question here blunk.gif Emoticon I just resist to do anything before they use their own CMS like its meant blunk.gif Emoticon


Friday 10 October 2003 4:40:06 pm

I thought ez took the link off because there was a bug in the user system a few months ago, where a user could edit the details of another one. So they disabled that function and took the link off (the link provided in the registration e-mail doesn't work till now: http://ez.no/content/view/full/[userid] )
Why they didn't provide the link to change the password isn't logic for me either.
Greetz, Thomas


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