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Class attributes gone when editing class

Class attributes gone when editing class

Friday 07 November 2003 10:22:16 am - 7 replies

I experience strange this when editing a class after objects have been instansiated from it. If I add new attributes to the class and save the class, afterwards I can only see the new attributes, the old ones are GONE!! I have reported this as a bug. Does anybody have the same problems? I have two live sites now where this is the case.

link to bug:

ezpublish help?

Additional comment: I have looked for the attributes in the database, and they are still there, luckily there is still hope!


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Wednesday 19 November 2003 12:10:57 pm

New comment:
Strange thing. I have looked in the database and the table ezcontentclass_attribute contain all the 69 attributes. But after Im making an object of this class, the object does only contain 4 of these 69 attributes in ezcontentobject_attribute. Has anybody experienced this yet, or is it just me?


Modified on Wednesday 19 November 2003 12:12:31 pm by Claus Jensen

Wednesday 19 November 2003 3:12:18 pm


I never tried that many, but with classes containing around 20 attributes, I have not seen any problem (yet)

Do you get debug output?


Wednesday 19 November 2003 3:51:45 pm

Thanks for replying Paul.
No I get no error in the debug-output. But I traced all the sql queries and those that fetch the attributes, only manages to fetch 4 attributes. The objects of this class only contain 4 attributes, even though it displays all 69 when I create an object of this class. And the class have all 69 attributes. The strange thing we also have experienced, is that this class have disappeared from the classgroup-list (class/classlist/4). Its not listed, but when I manually edit it, with "class/classlist/28" it displays the class with all attributes. Isnt this strange?? I think its a bug somewhere.

By the way, we have more than 3000 objects of this type, and more is coming.


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Thursday 04 December 2003 3:02:55 pm

I've never experienced this before. This sounds very destructive, please do alot of backups while you gather more information about this.

It would be great if you could get a database dump and a description on how to reproduce this problem so we can get it fixed.

PS: just a guess - your disk which runs MySQL is not full right?


Friday 05 December 2003 10:30:17 am

Hi Bård!
Finally one from ezcrew after almost a month, phuh! Disk is not full. This is happening in several versions that we use now. We are using sites on 3.2.1, 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 and all seem to have this problem. I have reported this long ago, and its serious and timeconsuming having critical impact on us in several projects.

Well here is the deal. If you have created some objects of a certain class, and you edit that class, then sometimes you will end up having your old objects of that class corrupted. This meaning that all the "old" attributes are gone when trying to edit, and in the db, when querying that contentobject, the only attributes connected is the new ones. The only solution we have had on this is to delete the old objects and create them again. And this is a major problem when we in one of these cases have over 3600 objects. I will send you a database-dump on this. In one of these sites we also use object-translation and it makes it even worse! There is also a problem with this when editing the user-class, my admin suddenly lost his name.

The dumps are coming your way Bård. Thanks!


Saturday 06 December 2003 8:09:30 am

I observe a similar problem.

I have a class with many attributes, two of these attributes are object relations. If I create a class without relations, and later if I edit the class and add the object relations, some other attributes (price and date) are empty.

Friday 12 December 2003 10:10:28 am

hello ezsystems,

please put some effort in this matter...



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