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Clearcache and site.ini.append don't seem to be working on Win2k setup

Clearcache and site.ini.append don't seem to be working on Win2k setup

Monday 22 September 2003 6:01:15 pm - 1 reply

I'm using ezP on a Windoze 2000 machine for design purposes, and it seems as if the clearcache buttons in the admin interface don't clear the cache as there are still a ton of files left there after using them, and not all the design changes are implemented.

Secondly, I have two site designs, one with debugging and template debugging turned on, the other with them turned off, the idea being to see changes without the interference of the extra lines thrown in by the debugger. However, switching between the two will give mostly the results of whichever site was accessed since the last time I deleted all the cache files.

Is this a bug or something that doesn't work on Win machines or, what?


Monday 22 September 2003 6:08:33 pm

About the clearcache thing, read the following thread. I've posted an explanation + fix in it.

About the second issue... do you have two completely separate site designs, or do you just use two different siteaccess that use the same design?



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