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clearing image alias cache Bug

clearing image alias cache Bug

Monday 15 June 2015 4:59:05 pm - 2 replies

Hello every body,


when i'm launching this php bin/php/ezcache.php --clear-all --purge i get this error in log file :

[localhost.localdomain] eZCache::purgeImageAliasForObject:Missing attribute image in object 1260, version 1. This indicates data corruption.

what can i do ?

Tuesday 16 June 2015 8:22:27 am

Hello mou,

I'm sorry your having troubles.

First a few questions for you to answer ...

Q: What version of eZ Publish are you using?

Q: Is ObjectID 1260, Version 1 the current version of the object or a past version?

Q: Do you have an external backup of the image attribute file content (IE: a backup copy of the file uploaded originally into the content object image attribute)?

If you do have another copy of the file, I would consider first creating a full and complete backup of the entire website's source code, var directory, settings, extensions, database dump(s). This step is very important long term.

Then, with full backups in place, why not try creating a new version of the object, replacing the image file content, IE: Re-uploading the image file content, then clear content cache and try re-running the ezcache script command and see if this solves the problem.

If that does not solve the problem would you consider re-creating the content object from scratch (IE: create a new object with the same content, not a direct copy) and remove the ObjectID 1260 object permanently (IE: Do not use the trash feature).

I hope this helps!


Friday 19 June 2015 4:09:26 pm

Now it's give me this error :


[localhost.localdomain] eZMySQLiDB:
MySQLi extension was not found, the DB handler will not be initialized.


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