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Clearing the url alias cache in DFS mode not working?

Clearing the url alias cache in DFS mode not working?

Wednesday 05 December 2012 11:25:47 am - 1 reply


It looks like clearing the URL alias cache is not working in dfs mode.

I went through step by step when clearing the urlalias cache and the dfs handler is trying expire files that do not exist in the dfs backend.

More specifically, it's trying to expire the file /var/<siteaccess>/cache/wildcard, whereas in my database the files stored look like var/<siteaccess>/cache/wildcard/<filename>.php

Consequently, these files are never expired. Did anyone experience this problem/know how to fix it?

I think the problem occurs because the cache clearing process calls the DFS handler's _delete method, instead of amore appropriate one ( _deleteByLike?)

cmd: php bin/php/ezcache --clear-id=urlalias

handler: kernel/private/classes/clusterfilehandlers/ezdfsfilehandler

backend: kernel/private/classes/clusterfilehandlers/dfsbackends/mysqli


On a related note, le expiry.php is never modified for the urlalias cache (the expiry-key is not even defined in ezcache)



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Wednesday 05 December 2012 5:03:16 pm

Did you check if it is reporetd in Jira (and/or open an issue there)?


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