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Communities for specific languages

Communities for specific languages

Tuesday 21 March 2006 2:08:51 pm - 8 replies

Is there somewhere on ez.no a list with community sites in other languages. I know there's a list of user groups under community > user groups, but they are not language-specific.

I know about

http://ezpublish-france.org (French) ,

http://www.ezpublish.de (German, doesn't seem to work at this moment, found at http://ez.no/company/news/new_por...german_speaking_ez_publish_community )

http://www.ezbrasil.com.br ( Portuguese, found at http://ez.no/company/news/the_por...ing_ez_publish_community_is_launched )

http://ez.signetwork.it/ ( Italian, found at http://ez.no/community/forum/general/per_gli_italiani )

Are there any others out there?

Related bug: http://ez.no/community/bugs/create_list_of_ez_user_groups

What's required to setup eg. a Dutch speaking community and to get approved as an official eZ publish community?

Modified on Tuesday 21 March 2006 4:13:46 pm by Kristof Coomans

Tuesday 21 March 2006 7:15:44 pm

ask sandro he will help you

If you want you can also build upon my forum templates pubsvn://advancedfourm .

Tuesday 21 March 2006 7:37:44 pm

You find a list of the current community sites at Planet eZ publish:



Wednesday 22 March 2006 8:01:06 am

Why is the Italian community not listed there? Is it unofficial?

Tuesday 28 March 2006 2:42:54 pm

The eZ publish Italian community is available at the following url: http://www.ez-italia.org.

I've just submitted the link also to http://planetezpublish.org/.

Thursday 30 March 2006 12:53:08 pm

And a Norwegian community: http://www.eznor.com

Thursday 30 March 2006 6:53:48 pm

Kristof, the community is not just norwegian, but meant for scandinavia.
Norway, Denmark and Sweden.
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Modified on Wednesday 12 April 2006 7:10:52 pm by Per-Espen Kindblad

Thursday 06 April 2006 2:04:57 pm

A community policy is currently being defined as guidelines for eZ community sites. Furthermore, we are in the process of reviewing our trademark policy to make it a publicly available document, because it is related to the community policy.

I can't provide a date of publishing to you right now, but will let you know ASAP. This task is definitely high priority, because it serves as a basis for our growing community.

Until then, I suggest to contact eZ systems to find a temporary gentlemen agreement - as we have done with the community sites listed on Planet eZ publish.

Thursday 06 April 2006 3:10:48 pm

My question was rather out of curiosity than an intention to immediately setup a Dutch community site. So there's no hurry happy.gif Emoticon


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