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concatenate and order content

concatenate and order content

Wednesday 30 April 2003 1:59:54 pm


sigh...I'm so unsure about eZ... on the one hand, it's coded very neatly and (seems) to give all the room needed to extend the system with new features, one the other hand, the backend is sooo poor and so far away from being intuitive and it's missing some pretty important features (real preview (I'll mention this in another thread),insite editing!!, the one mentioned in title(?)) while others are advanced far more than necessary (like workflow).

So I'm still hoping that I'm missing sth. obivious

To my question:
I have a article that should be followed by a link.
After clicking the article in the sitemap, this is what I see below the edit button:
The (blue) table with columns name, class, section, copy, edit, remove showing entries name=My comment, which I can see below the article and a entry "Test-File" which I added I which I expected to appear below the comment. It does not.
I'm afraid, it's not even supposed to, because the "comments" -section is explicitly mentioned in the class-template.

I'm not sure wheter I do not understand the backend or sth. else.

So, can I concatenate different classes/content and then of course order them appropriately?

Thanks very much!

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