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Wednesday 26 March 2003 10:50:52 am - 6 replies

I like the new site design: simple, yet attractive. But above all, the architecture, which quite a few among us experienced in the betas, is sound and a solid foundation for building CMS solutions.

You may need to invest in a little more bandwidth though.

Best regards


Wednesday 26 March 2003 12:58:12 pm

Simply put, outstanding job ez team.

2.x was a great piece of work and I think that a lot of developers would have been content to rest there. I'm really glad to see that you made the right, and perhaps tough choice, of taking ezpublish to the next level with the 3.x release!


Wednesday 26 March 2003 1:55:30 pm

Nice to see you like the new design. As for the bandwidth. We had some problems with the new network, a swtch went bananas. This is now replaced and the bandwidth should be sufficient.


Wednesday 26 March 2003 3:02:16 pm

Like the speakers before I congratulate. An outstanding job. eZ go! I will test the final right away.

Björn Dieding

Wednesday 26 March 2003 3:38:35 pm

I would like to join the others in saying that I really like your new site and I'm looking forward to working with EzPub3.

Thursday 27 March 2003 5:04:34 pm

Congratulations on a job well done. eZ3 is a great product and holds its own with the other CMS products out there.

Thanks for working so hard and getting the product released.


Wednesday 09 April 2003 4:56:01 am

Thanks a million.

Very well designed and while being enormously flexible seems to have been designed to run fast.

Sol Millin
byron bay


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