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Core files vs development files

Core files vs development files

Tuesday 31 January 2012 2:49:27 pm - 2 replies

Is there any quick brief documentation on the eZ core file system and development-generated of project-specific files? I anticipate hints that this is in the documentation or that we can discover by ourselves, but I'd appreciate if I can save some weeks/months so that to put in place an efficient development environment for eZ projects.

My problem is this: I have an eZ installation on a local(host) development environment (Eclipse) and another one on a hosted site. Following initial installation of the eZ Publish package on both servers, I would like to upload to the hosting site just the additionally generated files for each new project.

No problem, it will come-up quite quickly while going through the doc. However, I found very interesting related clarifications here, which I recommend to any rookie:

Modified on Wednesday 01 February 2012 7:41:46 pm by Ginger Opariti

Sunday 11 March 2012 2:39:41 pm

Hi Ginger, 

am i right? Your problem is you want to keep the distribution files and only integrate your project-related content? 

If yes you probably already found out, that you can concentrate on your siteaccesses, your extensions, your modules and your design. If you worked on the system-level. If you work on extension-level, which I would suggest to you, you just copy sitesaccesses and custom-extensions sothat you simply just have to edit your override ini's, ok? 

Best Regards


Monday 12 March 2012 10:00:34 am

The shortest description for such concern is "keep all of your developments within extensions"


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