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Cronjob error

Cronjob error

Monday 25 January 2010 5:19:34 pm - 2 replies

Hi everyone,

I read this topic but it seems not to be the same problem...

I try to :
- clear all cache
- disable SAFE_MODE

When I execute this command :

 php -C runcronjobs.php -q 2>&1

I have this output :

 Forcing to steal the mutex lock: cronjobs/unpublish.php 
 Stealing mutex.Old process has run too long. 
 Failed to steal cronjob part lock.

Can anybody help me ?

Thank you in advance !


Modified on Monday 25 January 2010 5:30:24 pm by Roland TRAN

Monday 25 January 2010 7:30:49 pm

I've solved myself the problem, you just need to clear all cache using this line :

 ./bin/php/ezcache.php --clear-all --purge

(Not in the backend)

Modified on Monday 25 January 2010 7:31:57 pm by Roland TRAN

Monday 25 January 2010 7:54:01 pm

Hi Roland,

Thanks for posting the solution, this is always valuable for other community members.

Regards Robin


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