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current way of eZ community

current way of eZ community

Wednesday 23 November 2011 2:08:43 am - 3 replies

Dear community, please excuse the question probably already clarified. After a long abstinence in the forum I get from the official eZ message about the release of version 4.6.
The last official version number of community goals is 4.4 or 4.5 beta. Followed by monthly updates. I am not a professional or programmer, so I have the following questions.
1) Where can I find information about the current path of the community (please no marketing)? I do not understand the current path.
2) In my test environment I have used the version 4.4 and extended with the most recent extensions from git hub expands. Is that the current path for a installation?

Wednesday 23 November 2011 7:58:26 am

Hello Falkmar,


No worries on your time away. It's great to hear from you.


So release styles have changed in a way from the past. Today we do community build releases (currently on a monthly basis) based on the GitHub master sources (to my knowledge). The naming convention aka version number for these releases is something like YYYY.MM

The current build today is 2011.10

but I've heard some negative gossip about 2011.09 being a better build. Regardless ...

I'm personally looking forward to the 2011.11 build.

Until 2011.11, I'm sticking with my 2011.09 copy for most things.

You can access the information related to the packaged files for download, changelog, requirements, upgrade docs and other notes of interest.


To be fair though I use the latest builds for my personal development, for many many more professional projects we make regular use of eZ Publish Enterprise 4.4.0* so I can relate in a lot of ways to some of the differences. In short unless you need or want or in otherwise until your ready keep using eZ 4.4.x branch (I don't think that's so bad really). I still on occasion will do some quick creation on a 4.4.x branch we have available simply as a baseline for redistribution as a lot of folks are still relying on it.

I think once you start mixing eZ and GitHub you the available opportunities to do useful things seems to grow exponentially.


Just the other day to get a task completed I manually patched an ee440 dev install using the latest stable-4.4 branch sources on GitHub to solve an issue between 440 (release) and 44X (stable) happy.gif Emoticon


The first community build was the (rather oddly named; naming convention reversed) 04.2011 build.

This build was based on what you would also call eZ Publish 4.5, using the same sources, only difference is two weeks or more of continued improvements by the crew and community after the release of eZ Publish 4.5,

If you read on down the above (linked to) page you can read more about the background details surrounding the builds themselves,


Also if you like shared slideshows, there is a blog entry with one about the topic of the the ez publish community project release policy rfc,


Also the project board has been thinking publicly about builds for extensions as well,


I also just heard about the eZ Publish (Enterprise) 4.6 release recently. I've read the following about it,


If I'm not mistaken the 2011.11 build will be based on the same sources.

Another reason to look forward to the next upcoming build I would imagine.


I hope this helps ...




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Wednesday 23 November 2011 12:20:15 pm

Hi Falkmar, and welcome back aboard,

Heath pointed you to useful resources i believe.

If i may add a few words : eZ Publish Community Project is developed, today, by both the eZ Community and eZ Engineers. Built & unleashed every month (2011.11 coming-up), it serves as a base to Enterprise Edition, released every 6 months. Until end of last year, contributing to eZ Publish as a Community member was not an easy task. We changed this, giving birth to the Community Project, which is what we used to know as the freely downloadable version of eZ Publish.

You can get an idea of how contribution works here : . is leveraged, making "social coding" a reality today within the eZ Community. The amount of Pull-requests (a patch~ in git/github terms) grew extensively this year, setting an ultra-positive trend for collaborative development on eZ Publish further on.

The Community Project Board is the mixed-organ in charge of evangelizing and structuring innovation around Community Project. It is composed of community members and eZ employees. I warmly encourage you to start following their main communication channel :

Finally, a word about eZ Publish Enterprise Edition : it is the mission-critical version of eZ Publish, available through a subscription fee.  

Is this answering your question ? Or did i misunderstand your "path of the Community" question ?


Thursday 24 November 2011 1:09:51 pm

Thanks for the answers. I was really worried. There are many good projects. Unfortunately, these have often not financially stable basis. Or the community is divided into different philosophies. The combination of open sources, open collaborative development and professional recovery, is in my view a quality with future.

to 1.) The question of the common path of eZ community and eZ Engineers has been answered, thanks for the links. As long as I can choose between Lowbuget and professional support without changing the system, the world is ok.
to 2.) I think I've understood the new version numbers. Every month an update is a major burden. Regardless, in the next few weeks I've to read a lot.

 "...but I've heard some negative gossip about 2011.09 being a better build. ..."
Good news. The project lives. ;-) Only the death knows no words.

Sorry for the excitement. Everything looks normal. Thanks for the help of orientation.
Greetings Falkmar


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