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De-Publish Content?

De-Publish Content?

Friday 12 September 2003 12:41:39 pm - 4 replies


I'm trying to deactive content, so it's still there and can be edited, but is no more available to the public - such as to withdraw publishing.

Am I missing the obious? How can I do that?

Friday 12 September 2003 3:36:16 pm

Thomas, I'm not sure if there is an easy way to do this. The workaround we put into place was to create a hidden folder that was not visible to the public. Then we move the content that we don't want to be published into that area.

I would love to see an easy way to do this without changing the locations. It would also be nice to publish something to a draft state without publishing it first.


Friday 12 September 2003 3:40:33 pm

You should use a workflow and unpublish through that. Have you tried out workflows yet?


Friday 12 September 2003 4:05:31 pm

Yes, use workflows and create (php programming) a workflow event which checks the condition of a special attribute to decide wether to unpublish a certain object.


Friday 12 September 2003 5:07:52 pm

Well, I realized there is a unpublish event, but all I want is a button that toggles whether the content is visible to the public or not. Besides am I working with a still workflow-buggy revision having problems, that are already fixed in the current svn, which unfourtunately is still not available. (i.e. content-publish-before is not fired) So I'm not playing around with workflows too much while still in beta.

I do not understand at all, why one should use some kind of workflow for such a simple task. Neither do I understand, what trigger should get that workflow running?!

In the meantime I find it more appropriate to delete and if neccessary restore content again. That is almost as simple as it's supposed to be.

Thanks anyway!


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