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Delete Old Versions

Delete Old Versions

Friday 02 May 2003 12:04:18 am - 6 replies

How can I delete old object versions (the ones I know I won't use anymore) to lighten up the db a little?


Saturday 03 May 2003 9:39:52 pm

Is it possible at all?

Modified on Saturday 03 May 2003 9:40:52 pm by Aldo Bucchi

Saturday 03 May 2003 11:42:19 pm

No (for the interface)

Yes (in the database), but difficult and dangerous (dependencies between recordds and tables).

Lighten up the db is not relevant for ez publish performance, db operations are only a few percent of processing time. The bulk goes to templates where the need for optimisation is obvious.



Sunday 04 May 2003 12:27:02 am

I was asking Bard about this (removing old versions, archiving concept) some months ago.
While the database might not be a huge problem, files are.
I'm not talking about performance, but disc space.

Let's say, we have one object with a 5 MB file attached and have lots of versions of this object. The versioning system MUST keep copies of the old text/integer/whatsoever data in the DB and MUST keep copies of the old versions of the file (or image). I guess, this is working.
Now, when i've got 20 version x 5 MB x number of similar objects.... I see a need to mark old version for archiving and providing some way to archive the binaries with the data from the DB. A good versioning system must provide this.
As archiving needs a way to restore the archived data (would be more difficult than archiving, I guess), what about a "Delete" button for old versions for the beginning?

Yes, _we_ have a setup like this, as we have one installation of ezP2, which has a big "document management" part in it. As ezP2 does not handle versions, we don't have this problem at the moment (we just have the current version on the web server)

Modified on Sunday 04 May 2003 12:29:34 am by Marco Zinn

Wednesday 10 September 2003 12:34:08 pm

Is there a solution for this?, im currently using EZ3.1


Modified on Wednesday 10 September 2003 12:34:40 pm by Tonny Laursen

Wednesday 10 September 2003 12:35:55 pm

Unfortunately this is a 3.2 feature. Can you upgrade?


Wednesday 10 September 2003 12:40:27 pm

I will upgrade on next wednesday.



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