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Disabling the relations tab

Disabling the relations tab

Tuesday 19 March 2013 6:52:31 pm

On quite a few client installs, some content objects have so many relations that you cannot load the content object full views in the Administration Interface. This is because the Relations tab automatically loads and tries to display every object relation and reverse object relation. The request times out.

It's quite easy to disable the tab by overriding design/admin(2)/templates/relations.tpl and adding a rather crude exclusion rule such as:

{if array( 'article_source', 'project' )|contains( $node.object.class_identifier )}
    Related objects window disabled for {$node.object.class_identifier} objects
   ... load as normal

You get a nice message in the tab; problem solved:

We've done this enough times to want to establish a standard solution, aka implement something in the kernel, starting with a pull request of course. Some options:

  • Put a hard cap on the total number of relations displayed
  • Paginate the relations
  • Implement a search function on the relations

When you reach the level of overkill on the number of relations (a few thousand), editors almost never (and in our many cases, never) care to look up an individual relation. My initial suggestion would be to put a globally configurable (in an INI file) hard limit on the total number of relations displayed. If there is a need to explore those relations further, then a developer can build a custom interface or run a script to suit the use case. What do other people think?

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