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Does "ScaleLargerThenOriginal=false" work?

Does "ScaleLargerThenOriginal=false" work?

Tuesday 29 July 2003 4:42:35 pm - 3 replies

Even though I have included ScaleLargerThenOriginal=false in both the site.ini and site.ini.append files, images are still being scaled larger than their original size when displayed in the browser. Is this not supported right now?


Wednesday 13 August 2003 8:52:27 pm

Is anyone else having this problem?


Modified on Thursday 14 August 2003 3:56:32 pm by Alex Jones

Thursday 14 August 2003 4:37:13 pm

Yes, it does work but only with convert. This is not supported with GD yet. GD will always scale larger.

BTW: there is a spelling error. It should be "Than" instead of "Then", if I'm not mistaking. I will change this for 3.2, but keep compatibility if you have the old spelling.


Thursday 14 August 2003 4:40:50 pm

Ahh! That explains it. happy.gif Emoticon I am using GD and was going nuts trying to get it to work. Is there any chance of having the capability added for those of us using GD? Or is there a quick change I can make to the code on my end to enable the functionality?

As you mentioned the spellling does need to be changed.

Thanks for letting me know.



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