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drop user

drop user

Wednesday 09 February 2005 2:12:11 pm - 5 replies

Can I drop a user in EZ's DataBase?
In wich way?

Wednesday 09 February 2005 2:18:28 pm

Just use the standard remove functionality in the users-section in the admin interface.

Wednesday 09 February 2005 2:30:26 pm

The Problem is that the user not exist in user section.
but if I try to create the user, it answer that there is a user with the same userid.

Wednesday 09 February 2005 2:57:25 pm

Some dirty data there apparently. You can try to delete the user from the ezuser-table in the database. But remember there's also a contentobject related to that user.

How did you screw up your database? This answer could help to provide a better solution...


Wednesday 09 February 2005 3:01:21 pm

Try emptying the trash. When you remove a user, the same thing happens to it as all other data, it is just stored in the trash. If you delete if rom the trash, or empty the trash, the item will be removed from the database.

Wednesday 09 February 2005 3:07:22 pm

I don't understand 'SCREW UP'!
I created DB by a flash installation


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