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error message - objext not available

error message - objext not available

Monday 05 May 2003 2:57:23 am - 2 replies

setup was done. but...
When page "My site" click , and displasy error message follows,,,,,

Error / kernel (3)
The object is not available.

more please...

Monday 05 May 2003 1:33:48 pm


did the install go through completely? You might want to try a re-install, that helped in similar cases. If you have the PHP memory limit set to 8MB, try setting it to 10 or 12MB in php.ini


Monday 05 May 2003 9:05:16 pm

Are you speaking about the user Site of ez 3.0.2?
The Link, that gives the error, ends with /demo/content/view/full/211/ ?
I have the same problem here with a 3.0.2 site: There seems to be some demo data missing or has the wrong node-id.
Don't care: if everything else works, you don't miss much.


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