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Excel Files downloads are garbage

Excel Files downloads are garbage

Wednesday 21 September 2011 4:50:33 pm - 3 replies

Hi all,

We have ezpublish 4.4 running on Windows 2008 R2 / IIS 7.x

Excel files uploaded to ezpublish turn garbage when downloaded from ezpublish,

The problem just happens with Excel files, for instance MS Word downloads are OK

We haven't found any error or warning in ezpublish, php or IIS logs related to this problem

any ideia how to solve or debug this further ?


Modified on Wednesday 21 September 2011 4:53:00 pm by Lazaro Ferreira

Thursday 22 September 2011 2:01:33 am

Hello Lazaro,


I'm not sure I have much to suggest. A few thoughts tho ...


I wonder ... how are you uploading the files into eZ Publish?

Frontend siteaccess or Admin siteaccess?

Using plain admin content module, webdav, eZ Multiupload ?


Also what file format of excel are you using in your testing? ( older xls or newer xlsx )


How are you downloading the file? (Admin / Frontend siteaccess ?)




Thursday 22 September 2011 3:59:30 pm

Hi Heath,

The files are uploaded and downloaded from administration siteaccess, I have tested personally with XLS ( old format ), as part of the test we uploaded and downloaded the sames files using the same ezpublish version , ezp 4.4 on Apache/Linux, no problem on Linux

We think there is some problem with ezpublish and IIS7 or PHP and IIS7

More setup information here :

  • IIS 7
  • PHP : 5.3.6 
  • php-cgi ( fastcgi )
  • Wincache 1.1 for PHP 5.3



Saturday 24 September 2011 10:22:39 pm

@ Lazaro

Thank you for sharing these answers .. 

I'm not sure what to suggest.

I always use eZ Publish on GNU/Linux distributions

when doing anything with eZ Publish (with amazing results as well)...

You might try disabling php / web server extras (wincache?) anything not absolutely required.

You could try steping through the kernel module code execution to to start validating that the file content received is or is not being stored correctly on disk. To be able to then determin if the download to client process is for some reason corrupting the file being sent. This might be valuable to understand the nature of the problem.

Also it might be silly but what browser are you using to upload and download the xls file?





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