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eZ forum enhanced?

eZ forum enhanced?

Monday 28 July 2003 4:12:20 pm - 3 replies

Please forgive me if this has already been asked but is there any plan to enhance this forum and maybe add some account information?

I would very much like to see any of the following implemented:

-When you click on a writer's name you are taken to his account page where you can read information about the writer (name, nationality etc) and number of posts (preferably you should be able to click on the "number" to be able to list all his posts).

-Possibility to sort the forum after variables (writer, topic, date)
-Possibility to click on the writer's name to be taken to his "account" and from there be able to view ALL of that writer's forum messages.
-Possibility to subscribe to a thread
-Possibility to have replies to your own thread emailed.

The benefit would be easier to keep track on the information printed in these forums. Also, since some writer's have "interesting" ideas it would be nice to be able to have all of that writer's messages listed at the click of the mouse.

Please let me know if you are planning to enhance the forum (or if anyone else already has a nice package developed).


Monday 28 July 2003 4:35:58 pm


we have plans on improving the forums on, we will discuss this at the summercamp. Our plan is to get it implemented while we test 3.2.

We will figure out what we will do with the community on on the summercamp, based on your feedback.

Are you attending it?


Monday 28 July 2003 11:19:28 pm

I wish I could attend it but I have to sit an exam at the end of August and I already arranged a trip to the Swedish "fjällen" in the beginning of that month so I'm all tied up sad.gif Emoticon

Anyhow, when it comes to forums I'd like to see as much flexibility as possible and if in doubt just look at the most popular forums and copy their functionality (something for the rainy days blunk.gif Emoticon

I'm sure the camp will be a blast, I only hope some of the best ideas will be written down between the pints and hiking =)


Thursday 31 July 2003 6:12:19 pm

A lot of the 'standard' forum functionality can be applied thru templates.

Paul Borgermans has done some templates that already works quite well with some minor tweaking.

I am currently working on his templates - and will upload when I have something to show.

Meanwhile look under contributions - you'll find Pauls templates there.


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