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Ez newsletter : newsletter creation

Ez newsletter : newsletter creation

Wednesday 20 September 2006 2:42:38 pm - 4 replies

Hi everybody

I meet some problems with the extension Ezxnewsletter.

I don't understand how a newsletter is created. When I click on "create newsletter", I have a tree-parts form with a firstpart "Edit newsletter", a second to create article and the third to recurrence. When I click on "Ok" to valid article's creation (or if I remove the draft of the article) any newsletter appear in the newsletter list (under newsletter type view). However, with phpmyadmin, I can see a newsletter has been added in my database. I understand a thing, the status of the new newsletter is at 0 (=> draft). If I change "handly" this field, newsletters appear !
I found the code "$this->setAttribute( 'status', eZNewsletter_StatusPublished );" in the publish() fonction of ezxnewsletter class. But this fonction seems never be called, why ?

Sorry for my poor english, if you want more explain on this, don't hesitate.


Thursday 21 September 2006 5:15:48 am

Sounds like you have no cron activated to start the workflow witch sends out the mail.

Thursday 21 September 2006 9:07:07 am

Yes, I didn't see how use cron for the moment. Is the newsletter status in relation with cronjob ? I talk about status (published or draft) not about send status (buldingList, Sendind, Finished,stopped).
I will see that, thanks for your answer.

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Friday 22 September 2006 6:47:49 am


Not sure what your question is, but the status of the newsletter content (article) is linked to the status of the newsletter a draft being a newsletter's draft, and ready to send once you save it.

You can't find your newsletter on the left hand column (second bloc, by status ?


Friday 22 September 2006 9:08:31 am


If I save the article or if I remove the draft, it's the same. The newsletter stay with the status of draft (I see that in phpmyadmin).
I see newsletter draft in the left menu too, it's run. But the only way to see the newsletter under the newsletter type view is to change the status in phpmyadmin.

Modified on Wednesday 27 September 2006 9:25:50 am by Aurore Hublé


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