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Ez Publish Accessibility level Study

Ez Publish Accessibility level Study

Thursday 10 July 2008 3:00:00 pm - 3 replies

We offer today the first part of our study on the accessibility of the administration interface eZ Publish. The goal is, among other things, provide a state of the community that revolves around the product to improve the incorporation of accessibility. The synthesis of this initial work is accessible on the "Study on the accessibility of CMS eZ publish 4.0". This article is in French for now. Let us know if you're interested by a translation.

This study is to audit the accessibility of CMS according to the following three areas:

-- The accessibility of back-office,
-- The accessibility of front-office (using a template default proposed by eZ Publish)
-- The ability to produce content accessible via the WYSIWYG editor online.

Link : http://www.miura-conseil.com/miur...eil/publications/EZ-Audit/index.html

Jeff Galano - http://www.miura-conseil.com

Modified on Thursday 10 July 2008 3:01:44 pm by jeff galano

Thursday 10 July 2008 3:43:04 pm

FYI, a quite complete accessibility study of the backoffice can already be found online:

Good luck, and good work with your study; looking forward to the results blunk.gif Emoticon

Friday 11 July 2008 1:44:50 am

Hi Jeff

Thanks for that, great to see! Very interested in a English translation, but should be able to muddle through with an automated one. ( http://translate.google.com/trans...l=en&ie=UTF8&sl=fi&tl=en )

There was a discussion on accessibility and usability in eZ Publish at the developer day prior to the eZ conference and a lot of support to improve these areas was voiced.

I've started making some adjustments to the lower levels (dataype) templates and have put the current "work in progress" up here http://projects.ez.no/accessibility_improvements. Please sign up to the project if you are interested in contributing.

One of the great features of eZ Publish is that you have control over all aspects of the rendered (X)HTML and you can produce sites with a high level of accessibility. We've created sites that have been audited by Vision Australia.

The other point I'd like to make is that some of the WCAG guidelines are difficult and in some cases impracticable to implement, especially when you get into the AAA items. So what level should eZ strive for? Any other checklists that should be incorporated ( e.g. Section 508 )


Friday 19 December 2008 10:22:10 pm


I am very interested in a transaltion to Spanish and I could do it. What do you think about it?

Best regards


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