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eZ Publish Analyst / Developer wanted

eZ Publish Analyst / Developer wanted

Wednesday 20 August 2008 7:34:24 pm - 7 replies

Hi All,

Vision with Technology has had a great year and we are looking to increase our development team based in North London.

We are looking for a smart, intelligent, eZ Publish developer who work well in a team. You will get to work on some of the largest and most advanced eZ Publish projects in the world for our enterprise customers.

Please drop an email to tony at visionwt dot com with some details about yourself and your skills.

I cannot wait to talk to you.


Monday 01 September 2008 12:12:53 pm


There has been a lot of buzz in the global market about eZ Publish, so now would be the time to get your friends to learn eZ Publish and fill these jobs. This is really good for opensource, eZ Publish and of course you.

Our position is still open. We offer a finders fee to people who introduce us too. So rather than the money going to a recruiter it could go direct to your pocket.

Let me know


Monday 01 September 2008 5:37:29 pm

Hey Tony,

you are right. If one wants to work in sunny Hannover, they can let me know.

Modified on Monday 01 September 2008 5:37:54 pm by Björn Dieding@xrow.de

Monday 01 September 2008 5:45:20 pm

Nice one Bjorn.

<b>Come on community</b>, that is <b>just two</b> of the <b>200 potential employers</b> (partners) out there...

If you know anyone who is working in PHP then get them to know eZ and then <b>contact your local partner</b> (or Vision blunk.gif Emoticon

You will get a <b>reward</b> from most good partners so get the word out. <b>"eZ Publish is the CMS to learn".</b>

I am also sure that eZ Systems will be helpful in running some conferences or training days in our country.


Tuesday 02 September 2008 2:36:44 pm

Allright, let the bidding wars begin!

Hereby introducing myself (happily collecting finders fee), the dude in the hat - seasoned eZ publish hacker and overall fun person happy.gif Emoticon

Please include in your bid:
* price for pint of beer in closest pub
* picture from local university cafeteria during lunch break
* average number of sunny days in a year
* workday start time
* criminal record of potential boss

Tuesday 02 September 2008 2:57:44 pm

Hi Zurgutt,

I love this post.

Alas, I am looking for someone in London for the position. I'll look you up for remote work.

I know you will get snapped up though happy.gif Emoticon


Tuesday 02 September 2008 3:53:33 pm

<i>* average number of sunny days in a year</i>

Hehe, sunshine in London!?! We haven't seen much this summer big-smile.gif Emoticon

Friday 26 September 2008 11:18:14 am

Hm, must be everyone thought i was joking happy.gif Emoticon

I was not.

Certified eZ developer with years of experience is looking for a interesting job.

Contact at email below.


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