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eZ Publish Roadmap

eZ Publish Roadmap

Thursday 02 September 2010 12:34:29 pm - 4 replies


Until about one year ago, there was an official roadmap page on the eZ web site.

Is it still available somewhere ?


Hakim Bouras
PRISMALOG - Creation de site Internet

Thursday 02 September 2010 12:37:49 pm

Hi Hakim,

You can find the roadmap here : http://ez.no/ezpublish/roadmap

Fuji is coming by the end of the month happy.gif Emoticon


Friday 03 September 2010 10:11:02 am

Please take the roadmap with a big pinch of salt, it was written before we started on Fuji and since we use scrum, new stuff are added and other stuff get down prioritized monthly. So it is not correct. Unfortunately it has not been updated regularly.

Modified on Friday 03 September 2010 10:11:41 am by André R

Wednesday 08 September 2010 10:38:48 am


Thanks for your answers.

It would be very helpful to have this page regularly updated. eZ Publish provides new features that we can avoid developping on our own, if we know they are comming soon.



Friday 17 February 2012 11:03:21 pm

For anyone looking for them, the new roadmaps are here:

Official: http://share.ez.no/official-roadmap

Community: http://share.ez.no/roadmap


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