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eZ xml block attribute fails to store specific link url string

eZ xml block attribute fails to store specific link url string

Tuesday 13 July 2010 8:30:40 am - 6 replies


I am using eZ Publish 4.2.0 and eZ OE 5.0.4

It seems I have run across a url link which does not store
the complete url string submitted. Instead when
the draft is stored the ending 'c=' characters
are striped off the link after I store the draft.

Link submitted through ezoe

Link actually stored within draft

Any chance someone can try shed some light (or confirm the affect)
as to the why the link url characters are stripped
from any link added within an ezxmltext attribute
in their copy of ezpublish.


Modified on Tuesday 13 July 2010 8:36:50 am by // Heath

Tuesday 13 July 2010 9:48:20 am

Hi. I can confirm this. Same is happening here.


Tuesday 13 July 2010 10:17:07 am

Hi guys !

You should report this, it definitely seems to be an issue. Thanks in advance !


Tuesday 13 July 2010 10:35:41 am

I have created an issue for your review.



Wednesday 14 July 2010 5:37:55 am

Hi, strange enough, I tried on my local installation on eZ Publish 4.2 with OE 5.0.4 ( alone with the web interface demo ); it seems fine for me. I can see the "c=" with the full url. My system is on Windows though.

Wednesday 14 July 2010 10:23:04 am

Ah, good point Wei, the OS may play a role here, browsers slightly varying from one to another.


@Heath : which OS did this happen on ?



Thursday 15 July 2010 3:17:34 am


Server: Ubuntu 9.10 Linux

Browser: Google Chrome (on MacOS 10.5)




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