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Tuesday 23 September 2003 11:21:59 am - 12 replies

It has now been a month since the ez summer conference and i've seen very little said of the discussions community members had while we there. I had hoped ez would have summarised what was said and would publish their plans for upgrading the community pages here at

Could such plans include timescales for promised items like forum notifications?

Is this forthcoming? How soon?



Modified on Tuesday 23 September 2003 11:31:31 am by Paul Forsyth

Tuesday 23 September 2003 1:16:59 pm

We are currently working on the first upgrade of The first thing that will be done is upgrading to 3.2, after that some improvements to the bug list, documentation and search will be done.

Tuesday 23 September 2003 6:32:13 pm

I think it would be helpful for all if the plans and timeline for upgrades are made more transparent. Before the summer conference we were promised many times that notifications would be made ready but this didn't happen and now seems forgotten.

Personally i would like to see the notes made at the saturday morning session of the summer conference as a document here for the community to discuss. Along side that can be a timeline of what will be implemented and when, given priorities etc.

Is this possible? Any other comments from others at the conference?


Tuesday 23 September 2003 6:56:10 pm


I agree fully. I have my own notes too (and posted already) on the saturday morning session.

In theory, the notification is a matter of config (1 minute job to add to the hundreds of other 1 minute jobs)

Maybe we are bugging the ez crew too much through the support accounts?


Tuesday 23 September 2003 7:15:05 pm

There are always too many 1-minute jobs getting in the away happy.gif Emoticon

We do need transparency. Those of who were at the conference know that there was great discussion on saturday morning about the community at We came away with the impression that lots will be fixed and improved.

Unfortunately those who were not there do not know this and are likely confused at missing promised features. When questions are asked those present at the conference are confused about how to answer because ez are silent.

If we can't see what will be fixed tomorrow and what will be fixed in three months time then support account are affected. Questions regarding accelerating the development of some feature will be far more useful with the knowledge that it will be some time before that feature starts to work... Hope you see what i mean here. As support questions are costly we want to ensure our money is spent asking the right questions.


Thursday 25 September 2003 11:28:48 am

Any further comment on this?

I do release now runs 3.2 but the improvements aren't really related to what we discussed at the conference. In my view the new bug report layouts are worse - on a 17" monitor the text for the bug report is actually cut off making it hard to see what the bug is about. Plus replying to forum messages using a cut down text box is not very nice (which i guess is a bug).

Could we see what is being planned for the community? We do want to help.


Thursday 25 September 2003 11:40:51 am

Paul, we're sorry for little feedback. We've been very busy with the 3.2 release so we haven't had time to work on before this week.

We will later today publish an article about the 3.3 release which was dicsussed on the summer conference.

We should do the same with community upgrades.


Thursday 25 September 2003 11:45:49 am

Thanks Bård,

A document for the community upgrades is what i am after. It would be fantastic if it contained the same detail and time scales as the 3.x release plans.

I should point out the 3.3 release is completely seperate from my complaint happy.gif Emoticon

When can such a document be ready for?


ps can the forum reply text box size be fixed? its width is far too small.

Thursday 25 September 2003 12:39:15 pm

When you say that the bug reports are worse now, do you mean the bug lists or the bug view?

For the list we could cut the version column since it's not that important, maybe also integrate type, status and resolution into the bug text.

Thursday 25 September 2003 12:48:39 pm

Sorry, i meant that the main list of bugs at:

For me with my 1024x768 resolution the bug summaries are cut off. I see text like this
"convert command with parame..."
"Name of new object in trans..."

Could you also look at the css tag for the textarea in forum replies. I see it uses the 'halfbox' tag. I can only get about five small words before the line wraps....

Thursday 25 September 2003 1:20:59 pm

We cut down on the displayed characters for the list to make sure it doesn't break or fill up the entire screen. Now too much space is used for the other attributes, I think the list needs a bit more tweaking.
Also this should encourage people to write shorter summaries, we have the description for more details.

As for the edit field bug, it should be fixed (at least my edit box is OK happy.gif Emoticon

Thursday 25 September 2003 1:34:12 pm

Yip, the halfbox is gone and i've now got a fat box happy.gif Emoticon

I have to say that the new bug list isn't usable for me. It may be what you want and work for others but it doesn't work for me. Personally i would make each entry two lines, with the bug title restricted to 80 characters (or whatever line length you have) with the bug info underneath.


Thursday 25 September 2003 3:25:38 pm

Shifting attention back to the original message:

I agree with Paul that we really really really need to know what to expect in the way of changes to these forums, and as a whole. As one of those people who was not able to make the conference I have little idea what was discussed. While I post quite a few suggestions, and at times receive positive feedback from the eZ crew or other community members, it is rare to see the feedback incorporated into actual changes.

I know you all are extremely busy, and obviously need to focus on for-profit work to ensure eZ publish continues to exist, but I worry that you are falling into the same pit that so many open source projects have fallen prey to before: lack of communication with the community supporting you.

It really doesn't take much time to list all of the suggested feedback, assign a priority and a date to each item and post a running list. In fact, I bet there are several of us who would volunteer to compile the list for you! As has been mentioned before, major changes could be made in short order on your part; these changes would have a massive impact on the community, and ultimately the success of eZ publish.

We are a community that wants to support you, but without information we don't know what to expect. Without some simple additions/upgrades, we aren't as effective as we could be.

Please help us help each other and you,



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