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Tuesday 28 October 2003 4:34:45 pm - 4 replies

The notification can now fetch the From, Message-ID, In-Reply-To and References headers from the notification template.
This has been implemented for forums, this means that you will be able to thread new forums topics and their replies.

You will also be able to spot who wrote a message directly from the From header in your mail client (for instance to skip your own replies).

Tuesday 28 October 2003 8:37:27 pm

That is very good news! Thank you for putting the time and effort in to make these small, but very user-oriented changes.


Wednesday 29 October 2003 3:58:01 pm

Im starting to see threaded replies now. Nice happy.gif Emoticon

One problem im seeing is that all replies are being threaded underneath the main email. The threading doesn't continue past the first level. Im using Evolution 1.4 as my mailer. I would expect replies to be threaded underneath each other.

Does the fact that the 'In-Reply-To' field contains the same address, e.g:, for each reply have anything to do with this?

Are other mailers handling this differently?


Wednesday 29 October 2003 4:11:29 pm

The forms on is only threaded in one level. So the replies are always replies to the topic, on the web and now in the notification mails.


Wednesday 29 October 2003 4:12:08 pm

I'm seeing the same behaviour in Thunderbird 0.3. But I 'm not sure how the system would use true threading as it isn't possible to reply to a post within a thread, only to the thread as a whole. So, thus all replies belong right under the first level.

It would be nice to have the ability to respond directly to a single post as some forum threads do branch.



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