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Wednesday 08 October 2003 4:12:34 pm - 15 replies

We've currently done some updates to, they are:

- Notification support, you can now get updates by pressing the Keep me updated button.
The places that support notification are documentation, forums and bug reports. Currently only forums has a customized notification email (the rest will come later).
- Improved autolinker, it will shorten the display text for detected links.

The forum notification mail was put together pretty quickly so it may need some tweaking.

Wednesday 08 October 2003 4:36:29 pm

Great news.

Thanks Jan.

Wednesday 08 October 2003 5:14:24 pm


Now I need to go through several threads to click on the notification button. happy.gif Emoticon

This is a happy day,


Wednesday 08 October 2003 5:16:12 pm


I have been notified by email of my reply happy.gif Emoticon

You should consider making the smtp To: to Bcc: as i can see the emails of everyone receiving the notification...


Wednesday 08 October 2003 5:17:48 pm

First bit of feedback:

There should be a confirmation that the 'Keep me updated' button has actually done something beyond the page reloading. I clicked it on several threads and have assumed that I will be notified.

It would be great if the notification is placed prominently and listed the e-mail address to which notifications will be sent.


Wednesday 08 October 2003 5:25:07 pm

One thing I forgot to mention. The mails are sent out every 10 minutes.

And we also fixed the notification system to not use the To header (blush), Bcc is now used.

Wednesday 08 October 2003 5:29:10 pm

If you want to follow all the activity on the forums you can choose the entire forum, no need to choose separate threads (unless that is what you want).

Wednesday 08 October 2003 5:47:48 pm

Thanks a lot Jan,

but could we also have access to /notification/settings/ in order to remove some of the entries?


Wednesday 08 October 2003 5:54:39 pm

The roles has been updated, also added a link to the notifications at the top.

Wednesday 08 October 2003 5:55:46 pm

Great Jan! This will really make life easier for those of us using the boards regularly.


Wednesday 08 October 2003 6:57:52 pm

Just wondering.... Can the digest email from notifications be sent daily? Looking at the current settings on it seems not.


Wednesday 08 October 2003 8:30:47 pm

Notifications *fx: cheer*

Thursday 09 October 2003 2:32:52 am

Great news.... nice improvement

Friday 10 October 2003 10:23:02 am

Hurray! About time actually, since you are using such a great cms as ezpublish ;>

Friday 10 October 2003 3:23:34 pm

One more small request - which others may not agree with. Could you not append the name of the person to the subject of the e-mail? By including it in the subject e-mail clients that provide threaded displays (or at least Thunderbird) treat them as separate, which causes all responses by each person to be grouped together. So I end up seeing a block from author 1 and a second block from author 2 even though they are responding ot each other in a single thread.

As I said, if this is something that others don't want changed I can understand, but I thought I would ask. happy.gif Emoticon


Modified on Friday 10 October 2003 3:50:24 pm by Alex Jones

Tuesday 14 October 2003 5:45:05 pm

Thanks for making the change to the subject field that I requested above. It makes a big difference!



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