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ezeo and div tags

ezeo and div tags

Thursday 31 January 2013 6:27:03 pm - 2 replies


I'm using XML block attributes on a page. EZ's online editor is based on tinymce, which allows users to pick a html templates from a list before entering their text, to preformat the layout.

The predefined templates have some div elements in them.

This works fine in the back office, but whenever the text is displayed on front office, all div tags are stripped off.

What's the best way for me to have the data displaying the same way in both back and front office?

- replace the div by spans with a custom attribute in the predefined templates? (I think that's related to custom templates)

- create a new XmlInputHandler to handle div tags?

- Other method?

I'm using a community 2012.6 version








I ended up creating my own datatype that uses EZOE's RTE for input, but saves the data as raw html in the DB. That way I still get some of the EZOF's features (gui to embed images, objects), but I'm free to use my own html tags.

The drawback is that I have to process embedded objects links manually when outputing the html content

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Sunday 03 February 2013 9:11:16 pm

ezxmltext is does not handle div tags and lots of other things which is not "content", is there a way you can change the template to use tags (even custom tags) that ezoe understands?

Monday 04 February 2013 5:44:34 pm


The thing is we need to have the BO and the FO showing the same layout

I've started to create my own handler/parser inheriting from the EZOE classes. I got it to the point where spans/divs with a special "noremove" attribute are rendered correctly, but I'm now facing more problems for the embed of media players (e.g. using iframes)


I'm starting to wonder if there is any point using EZOE, or should I just use tinymce + text processing for links?

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