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EzPublish 3 not mature yet....... what do you think?

EzPublish 3 not mature yet....... what do you think?

Monday 12 May 2003 12:37:19 am - 2 replies

so I've been playing with ezpublish 3.0, at the core it seems fantastic, and it doesn't seem like it's really mature yet. It seems like there's lots of potential, but very little is actually "implemented"

1- like the admin interface is missing the bulkmail features...

2- the "address" class doesn't really seem implemented (it's just a text field so you really can't do things like check the zip code without trying to parse the entire address text box, all websites these days have a form to fill out for addresses which seems missing here)

3- file browsing interface
I know you can upload files, are the file/directory browsing capabilities there?

4- polls?

I know there's tons of ways to implement this yourself, but It seems like ezpublish2.2 seems a lot easier to use out of the box.

ie. ezpublish3.0 is a great engine, but ezpublish 2.2 is an implemented CMS with the features you need for a site.
IE, if ezp was a car, 3.0 would be a fantastic engine, and a list of great parts, but ezp2.2 is a full car you can drive, with a steering wheel, cup holder, and radio.

Even for collaboration, does 3.0 have a real do-it-yourself attitude?
ie, if I created an "address" class in the admin interface, there's no way to export a class definition so it can become a standard!

*sigh* it looks like ezp is still a great forward thinking system for people who want to *create* a cms, but 2.2.x seemed like a cms.

what does everyone think?


(ps, in no way is this a criticism of the ezp team who is doing a fantastic job, I'm just trying to get a dialog going here, and see if we can offer some suggestions like ways to collaborate on class definitions so we can establish some standards, and build a CMS on top of the terrific engine provided, or if someone from the ezp team can tell us, "yes, we're working on this!"blunk.gif Emoticon

oh, and also, is there a way to set e-mail notification when you get a reply in this forum!? (I have to keep checking to see if anyone's wrote back, thanks!)

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Monday 12 May 2003 9:24:49 am

Hi Josh,

A quick answer to your question. It depends on what you want.
eZ has a solid core for CMS work and commerce in version 3.0 and if that what you want then your fine.
eZ have made the decision to get the core features solid and reliable before working on the add-on features. This in my opinion is the correct decision as it enables people to create sites now. Should you wish Polls or bulk mail bad enough you can either code it yourself.

I think maturaty is an interesting word, and it has too many meanings nowadays to be useful on its own. I think that mature mean solid and reliable, but other people may believe it means feature rich. This is why i have answered your question on the former explanation.

Monday 02 June 2003 11:16:38 pm

I agree, it is not a full, user friendly cms as of yet. I am in no way a programmer and without my friend working on with me on this i could NEVER have used ez for my needs. However, with his help im finding it to be the most versatile (aside from the info collector) cms solution available. In the last coule of weeks I've been searching frantically for something better because of featrures id like to impliment in EZ that it simply isnt ready for yet (advanced ratings and such, however RDB should have an actual module getting around the lacking info collector soon) and so forth. While several cms's are nice, and user friendly, they, none of them, have near the template versatility of ez 3 and awesome ability to tailor so many functions to your own needs with your own style.
In conclusion, I am dissappointed by certain shortcomings that exist now. But I am confident that within a year Ez3 will become the pinnacle CMS that it has the potential to be.
If I ever make money off the site I'm gunna launch ill support the crew by buying the editor, but right now I can only afford 30 dollar hosting and godaddy domains.
PS: Anyone interested in cheap custom quality hosting (for 30 a year i get about 1.5 gigs of space and 5 gigs monthly transfer!) check out Ihawkins.com. Cpanel and Ensim available.


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