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EzPublish ideal hosting package

EzPublish ideal hosting package

Monday 22 September 2003 9:05:17 pm - 2 replies

I have noticed very few threads regarding how EzPublish
really perform on a realworld hosting account. Apart from
the enterprise setup that i've read before theres no info
on how Ezpublish really runs on a shared or VPS (Virtual
Private Server) hosting account. There are people here
who recommend a Dedicated Server but not everyone can afford
this kind of hosting especially if their site doesn't earn
them some money.

So let's say i have a website with an average page size of 60 - 80k
and have been receiving about 100k page views a month. That will
be 6 - 8 Gig of bandwidth or transfer a month which i beleive
is an ideal situation for a moderately busy site. What kind of
hardware specs do you recommend?

I hope someone here who have been running Ezpublish site for
a long time could share his experience. I know there are a
lot of people here who will be interested in this realworld info.


Monday 22 September 2003 9:38:35 pm

I'm sharing your concern as I have to set up an application for an educational organization. I made some test with shared hosting.
Letting aside the problem to have Imagemagick installed I was blocked by the lack of ressources. It seems to me that you need some 12 M as memory_limit in the php.ini file to run EzPublish, but shared hosting would not gives you much.
Having to pay 2'000 US$ / year is a pain. Ez Hosting, such as offered from Marlabs is too restricted for us (Emails accounts, Storage size).
I would welcome more specific info on the hosting requirments (safe_mode, open_basedir, register_globals....)

Monday 22 September 2003 10:13:23 pm

I would also suggest to our moderators to open a thread exclusively just to discuss hosting issues. Hosting i believe is a big issue when you are using EzPublish.



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