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ezsession table size

ezsession table size

Wednesday 16 July 2003 4:42:10 am - 3 replies

I was moving the data from a live database to the dev server to do some work and noticed that the database size was 75Mb. Further investigation revealed that the ezsession table was the main culprit at 54Mb.

The site gets about 30,000 hits per day. The session timeout is the default 3 days. All the entries have expiry times that fit within the 3 days so it looks to be working normally.

This site is using version 3.0.2 but has been upgraded from 3.0 RC2.

Is it normal for this table to be so large?
Does anyone have ezsession tables of a similar size?
In a regular site what are the sessions used for?


Tuesday 22 July 2003 9:21:17 am

Any one else have large ezsession tables?

Tuesday 22 July 2003 10:25:48 am

Bruce, we have some large session tables. This does not cause any problems though, except taking up diskspace.


Monday 19 January 2004 1:50:39 pm

I'm not sure whether this is related to the size of the table, but I've had it twice in a few months that the ezsession table became corrupted. The fix is easy, if you have another installation from where you can export the table structure (e.g., using phpMyAdmin): drop the corrupted table and create a new one using the exported structure.

The problem of a corrupted ezsession table shows when you want to login: with a wrong password, you get the proper error message, but when you log in correctly, you will see the log in screen again, without any error messages.


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