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ezxform_token is empty

ezxform_token is empty

Thursday 02 February 2012 11:57:43 am - 2 replies


I'm working on a 4.5 Enterprise edition and I'm having troubles with Ajax request and ezxform_token.

As I understand, the ezformtoken extension has just appeared on EZ 4.6. So I do not understand why my Ajax calls on 4.5 always add the 'ezxform_token' post param that break them.

Moreover, the Ajax call I'm trying to debug uses $.ez() function, and, as the documentation says :
"If your custom Ajax code only uses ezjscore jQuery.ez() or, you are already covered and don't need to look further."

Need help.

Thank you.

Thursday 02 February 2012 1:44:30 pm


"ezxform_token" was not the problem, even if it's empty.

Friday 16 October 2015 12:24:06 pm

So, if we want to edit ezxform_token, what can i do ?


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