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Fetch optimization : role of load_data_map ?

Fetch optimization : role of load_data_map ?

Tuesday 25 October 2011 12:18:50 pm - 4 replies


I try to fetch a list of node with load_data_map enabled, and with load_data_map disabled.

But I don't see any difference between the both.

What is the role of load_data_map setting ?

I saw the function executed if load_data_map is enabled : eZContentObject::fillNodeListAttributes

Thanks !

Tuesday 25 October 2011 8:20:38 pm

With load_data_map, all the attributes of the nodes you are fetching are preloaded (in a single sql request). So if you later loop over the nodes to display data from their attributes, you save doing successive sql requests, one per node.

Otoh if all you want from the nodes is their "node info", load-data_map will only slow down your query.

Wednesday 26 October 2011 10:30:55 am


Thanks for your complete answer !

So, when I use "node_view_gui" operator, if I enabled load_data_map before, the script doesn't execute a new sql query ?

Wednesday 26 October 2011 10:54:23 am

Hi Simon, 

Dirk just posted a tip on load_data_map : , might be of use to you.


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Wednesday 26 October 2011 10:59:16 am

Ok, thans a lot !

The "best practice" slideshow is a good idea and generates some articles happy.gif Emoticon


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