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Few Questions about ChangeLog

Few Questions about ChangeLog

Thursday 17 July 2003 10:54:43 am - 1 reply

Hi ..

I had read in the new changelog this :

-Added empty trash, empty draft function
- Added a preStoreClassAttribute function to eZDataType which is called before the class attribute is stored.
- Added support for subtree template override with the url_alias key in override.ini

Can you please explian it, where to find it, how to use ?

thx in advance !

Modified on Thursday 17 July 2003 9:37:18 pm by Selmah Maxim

Thursday 17 July 2003 9:36:53 pm

We will explain the new features in the community doc once there's is proper time for it. Currently we are busy working out the designs for all the new features.

Modified on Thursday 17 July 2003 9:37:36 pm by Jan Borsodi


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