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Files and collected informations

Files and collected informations

Thursday 05 January 2012 5:20:58 pm - 4 replies

Hi there,

I would like to know if there is a way to add files inputs ("File" field is disabled for "informations collector"blunk.gif Emoticon.

I need it to allow visitors to submit resumés.

Modified on Friday 06 January 2012 9:55:14 am by Damien MARTIN

Thursday 05 January 2012 6:13:04 pm

Hello Damien,

Short answer yes ... kinda but not really (I think you can do other things besides storage but i'm not 100% as could not find the thread I was trying to find that I remembered from the past)

Long form answer: no, not by default aka unless you do the work involved yourself (we share this with most users, seems most find other solutions instead it seems). As ezbinaryfile datatype don't support information collection even today so I take that as subliminal direction to go in another different direction ...



Sorry I didn't have time to provide a proof or reference.  I could be wrong, this is purely from memory and the briefest related searches. Ahh well here is one, just not the really verbose thread I was searching for ...



I hope this helps .. in a rush this morning.




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Thursday 05 January 2012 6:29:51 pm

Hi Damien - take a look at http://projects.ez.no/enhancedezbinaryfile to see if it fulfills your need.  I know it's installed in a couple of places that use it for resumes and applications.  Just read the documentation and the comments in the ini files really well.

Saturday 07 January 2012 3:48:41 pm

Hello Steven!


We see you (and others) sharing this information about the enhanced ezbinaryfile datatype extension fairly regularly so we @ BC took a moment to write a brief solution stub article on the subject on ezpedia,



We hope this helps more users find and use this helpful solution. Thank you for reminding me of it Steven happy.gif Emoticon




Modified on Saturday 07 January 2012 3:49:24 pm by // Heath

Monday 09 January 2012 9:00:41 am

Thank you very much Steven ! It's all I need happy.gif Emoticon


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