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Flash video not shown in Browser

Flash video not shown in Browser

Wednesday 02 November 2011 5:53:35 pm - 4 replies

Hi guys,

I have a custom content class which uses, datatype 'media' (internal name: 'ezmedia') with option media player type = 'flash'. I created an object of this class and uploaded a .flv flash video file.The problem is, that the video is not shown in my view template, nor in the admin view. However, this source code is rendered in view template using attribute_view_gui:

 <object classid="clsidbig-smile.gif Emoticon27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"
    width="320"            height="240">
    <param name="movie" value="/content/download/57/190/my-frontpage-video.flv" />
    <param name="quality" value="high" />
    <param name="play" value="" />
    <param name="loop" value="" />
    <embed src="/content/download/57/190/my-frontpage-video.flv"
             quality="high" pluginspage=""
             width="320"               height="240"               play=""
             loop="" >

I use attribute_view_gui for output in my view template. Attribute analysis showed, that the exact mime type of the file was "application/x-flv".

I configured settings/override/file.ini.append.php to embedd flash content:


I always cleared caches thoroughly. What else could I do to get this video showing up on the page? Any ideas are highly appreciated.



Modified on Wednesday 02 November 2011 5:54:35 pm by Don Ronaldo

Wednesday 02 November 2011 10:18:21 pm

Both the player and the file have to get loaded. It seems to me that you're not having a flash player (JWPlayer or similar) to actually display the movie. If you already have one, you might have forgotten to include it?

Thursday 03 November 2011 2:12:12 am

Hello Don,

It's been a long day and I might just be asking a dumb question (forgive me please if I am) but what happens if you load the url in the browser url bar directly (ie: the following) does it output inline in some way (I expect it not to be recognized (guess)) or does it in fact prompt you to download and save the file?

I would kinda hope that it would output the file contents inline without prompting for downloaded file saving, simply because of the settings you have entered in above in file.ini

If it does (good news indeed) then I would think that the issue has something to do with it's presentation to the browser.And while I don't really know the contents of your flv (nor much about flash video offhand) michiel's suggestion sure seems like a valid one to evaluate. It's been to long since I've had to embed a flv into a page to remember if a video player front end was always needed or not (how embarrassing) so I did a few quick searches.






I hope this helps ...



Modified on Thursday 03 November 2011 2:14:26 am by // Heath

Thursday 03 November 2011 5:36:26 am

Yeah I think he's either not showing an accurate snippet or has forgotten the following ((this is a much better link imo), still I kinda now I think it's the latter) ...

"...Although Flash Video files are normally delivered using a Flash player for control, the .FLV file itself is only playable with an FLV player. There are several third party players available."


Another supporting snippet, "... can be used to display Flash Video from an SWF file. Because the Flash Player runs asbrowser plug-in, it is possible to embed Flash Video in web pages and view the video within a web browser."



Here's hoping this thread helps more folks searching the forums for these answers as this thread ages through the ages ...



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Tuesday 08 November 2011 5:51:34 pm

Hi guys!

Thanks for all your replies. You were right, I was missing an actual .flv player. Problem solved happy.gif Emoticon


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