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Folder's contents is not visible

Folder's contents is not visible

Thursday 11 September 2003 8:32:09 pm - 3 replies

Hi! I have a Folder class and a template that should display a link for each item in it. It is not working, though. Here's the view/full template for Folder:

{* Folder template *}

{default with_children=true()}
{default content_version=$node.contentobject_version_object}

<p class="psubtitle">{$node.name|wash}</p>
<p class="txt">
{attribute_view_gui attribute=$content_version.data_map.description}

{section name=Child loop=fetch(content, list, hash(
parent_node_id, $node.node_id,
sort_by, $node.sort_array)}
{node_view_gui view=line content_node=$Child:item}


Here's the view/line template for Info Page (the only type of items in the folder):

{default content_object=$node.object content_version=$node.contentobject_version_object}

<a href="{$content_version.url_alias|ezurl}">{$content_version.name}</a>

I am using ezPublish 3.2 beta 2.

Modified on Thursday 11 September 2003 9:51:48 pm by Alek Andreev

Thursday 11 September 2003 10:33:03 pm

>Here's the view/line template for Info Page (the only
>type of items in the folder):

Shouldn't that be with $node.url_alias? Like:

<a href="{$node.url_alias|ezurl}">{$content_version.name}</a>


Friday 12 September 2003 10:21:17 am

Yeah, you are right. It's still not working, though.

Friday 12 September 2003 10:40:10 am

Does your template show anything at all? If not, write a static text in the template, and make sure that it displays.
Turn on debugging in site.ini to see which template is being used.


Also, check your anonymous user role, and make sure it has sufficient rights.

Regards Bjørn


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